An Erotic film festival. An Indy-Local Austin experience. A naughty good time.
Join us at the Vortex Theater and Butterfly Bar May 7-9!

Opening Night Wednesday May 7th:
Austin Premiere & Director Q&A with
Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens live via webcast!


Land and body issues are inherently connected.
In this documentary, Stephens and Sprinkle, two ecosexuals in love, raise performance art hell in West Virginia to help save the region from mountaintop removal destruction. This film chronicles their love, activism, and struggle to save their family home, climaxing with their wedding to the Appalachian Mountains.

"My hope for this film, is that in addition to it being a compelling story, it will inspire and raise awareness in groups of people not normally associated with the environmental movement, and especially in GLBTQI communities. (We’d like to see an E added for ecosexual!) There are relatively few films about environmental issues that feature out queers. Queers, gays, lesbians, and transgendered people can live without marriage, but they cannot live without clean air and water, and fertile soil to grow healthy food. This is why GLBTQI folks need to Wage Ecosex!!  and get involved in environmental activism.  Films have been a powerful source of inspiration for changing the way people see the world, and I hope this film will compel others to see that the Appalachian Mountains and the people, animals and plants living among them are worth fighting to preserve for the good of the whole planet."

-Director Beth Stephens

This is, without compare, the sexiest nature documentary and one of the most profound films to deal with the beauty and tragedy of the Appalachian Mountains in the age of King Coal.”—Russ McSpadden, Earth First! Journal

 ”Heartfelt, haunting and downright provocative,  ”Goodbye Gauley Mountain” is the most captivating environmental documentary of the year.”—Greg Archer, Huffington Post

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