Forbidden Film Fest is brought to you by:
 the producers of The Texas Burlesque Festival and Austin's kink provider since 1981, Forbidden Fruit.

Forbidden Fruit, its owners, and staff have been at the forefront of the battle to keep sex legal and positive in Texas. As Austin's original non-smutty sex shop since 1981, we have been forcibly shut down, fined, threatened and warned-all for attempting to sell dildos! Despite the ludicrous Texas Obscenity Laws, and since their death, we have continued to cross the line and done our best to bring sexual education, quality sex toys, and fun, sexy events to our home and love, Austin, TX. Forbidden Film Fest is our newest venture and we hope that you join us in taking another step towards a more open, inclusive, sex positive society.


Forbidden Film Fest (FFF) is an independent, local event launched to create space in our community to showcase and celebrate sex-positive films and artists. Austin's ever burgeoning film community boasts a diverse array of student, amateur and professional talent. Our aim is support and celebrate the community with an accessible film event for everyone.


FFF will feature films that navigate diverse forms of sexuality and gender identity. In addition to the film screenings, Forbidden Film Fest will also include educational workshops and demos.


Interested in submitting an entry to the festival? Entice us. Beguile us. Electrify us. Scandalize us. Let's show the world that Texas' spicy side isn’t limited to the Austin Hot Sauce Festival.  Be provocative and unforgettable.

Workshop & Panel Presentations

Last year's panel "Feminism in Texas" was a huge success and everyone enjoyed a BDSM demo from Professional Dominatrix,
Mistress Kayla aka The Supreme Ebony Tyrant. Check back here soon for this year's line up!