Due to low submissions, Forbidden Film Fest has been postponed. Until such time as we reschedule, go make more naughty movies!

Please read carefully, our submission rules have changed:

“An erotic film festival, an indy-local experience, a naughty good time”

Forbidden Film Fest is calling for entries for its first annual event. Forbidden Film Fest is hosted at Austin’s own Vortex Theatre & Butterfly Bar November 13 & 14th.

Our goal is to expand and re conceive the concept of what is ‘erotic’. We are looking for work that traverses lust, gender identity, kink, human sexuality, BDSM, fetishism, raunch, feminism, orientation, sexual politics, or romance.

Entry Guidelines:
  • No restriction on completion date
  • There is no run time max/min requirement.
  • We accept student work. Please indicate this in the synopsis/awards section of your entry form
  • LOCAL (read:Texan) film makers are strongly encouraged to submit.
  • Your work pertains to the following: the erotic & sexual self, human sexuality, gender identity, kink, romance, fetishism, feminism, sexual politics, the human form, sexual orientations, or its something raunchy.

3 ways to submit your work - it's easy, like me!

Submission fee is $15. Submission deadline is October 18, 2015 by 11:59PM.

Option 1: The Insta-Grat
(Good if you like it quick and can give us access to your work online)

Step 1: Pay $15 entry fee & save confirmation number:

Step 2: Complete form below & click "submit".

*Be sure to fill out form completely and double check your link.*

PayPal Confirmation #:

Your Name:
Your Credit/Title:
URL to your work:

Alt Phone:
Email Address:
City, State, Zip:
Website or social media page:
Year Completed:
Original Production Format::
  If Selected, would this screening be a premiere? : YES
 If so, please check all that apply:
  Austin Premiere
  Texas Premiere
  US Premiere
  World Premiere
Does the film currently have distribution?

If so, with what company?:
Has it received any awards?:
If so, please list here (10 max):
Please give us a brief synopsis:

I understand and agree to the rules and guidelines of the event. By submitting this work for the consideration of FFF programmers, I verify that I am legally authorized to submit this work and/or that this work is my intellectual property and am therefore authorized to submit.  Should my work be selected for screening at FFF, I give full consent, license and authorization to FFF, its Directors, producers and programmers to exhibit and show my work in accordance with the festival rules. I understand that if my work is selected, FFF retains permission to screen my work at any and all FFF sponsored screenings for the submission year.  I accept full responsibility for all of the content in my work.   

I agree!

By clicking submit I agree to all the terms above.

Option 2: The Drop It Cause Its Hot
(Good if your work isn't online but you can share it via DropBox)

Step 1: Pay $15 entry fee & save confirmation number.

Step 2: Download & complete this form:
        FFF Entry Form PDF

Step 3: Label a folder with your film's title and share with us  
             via DropBox: submit@forbiddenfilmfest.com. Include 
             your work, and the completed form in your folder.

Option 3: The Old School
(Good if your soul feels better about burning a DVD and mailing that shit in.)

Step 1: Pay $15 entry fee & save confirmation number 

             OR make a check, money order or cashier's check
to: Forbidden Film Fest.

Step 2: Mail us:
  • A standard, region 1 DVD
  • Your completed Entry from FFF Entry Form PDF
  • A $15 check/money order/cashier's check PAYABLE TO FORBIDDEN FILM FEST.

Forbidden Fruit
FFF Submissions
108 E. North Loop
Austin, TX 78751

                                                                                                XO, DIVINA